Decatur Church of God
Saturday, January 25, 2020
Growing Into A Mature Relationship With Christ

Sunday Activities

7:00 AM: Prayer
9:00 AM: Sunday School *all ages
10:00 AM: Worship Service
*Nursery Available
10:30 AM: G.I.G.ville
*age 4-4th grade

The Purpose Youth Group

The Decatur Church of God Youth Ministry focuses on students in grades 5 through 12. The main goal for this ministry is for students to realize salvation only comes through Jesus Christ. Beyond that, we hope to lead young people in a deeper and more meaningful Christian life.

When studying God's word, we hope each student will see its relevance and know it is our guide. The power of prayer is modeled and taught by each leader. Worship is an important part of our meetings as well. Youth are given an opportunity to discover their spiritual gifts and put them to service for the Kingdom.

One of the most important characteristics of The Purpose youth group is a safe place where anyone can belong. We believe in an atmosphere of "No Teasing" - "No Bullying" - "A safe place to belong".

Fundraising Opportunity:

The Purpose Youth Ministry has a SCRIP program in place to help fund youth mission trips and outreach events.  SCRIP  is a way for major retailers in the area to give to The Purpose youth group. It works while you shop. SCRIP means "substitute money." Many popular retailers participate in the program, including JC Penney, The Gap, Shell Gas station, Pizza Hut, and Red Lobster.  The participating retailers sell gift certificates to DCOG Purpose Youth at a discount. Families buy the certificates for full face value and redeem them for full face value. The Purpose Youth Group then keeps the difference as a revenue.

Visit the Scrip Table to purchase your certificates each Sunday morning. Submit and pay for your Scrip by 12:25 PM each Sunday and then pick up your order the following Sunday. 

If you have any questions on the SCRIP program please see Melissa Kelley or Terri Worth.